Writeaday: Minimalist Journal v5.0 (Unlocked)

Writeaday - Diary, Journal, Mood icon

Writeaday - Diary, Journal, Mood

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Writeaday - Diary, Journal, Mood

Writeaday is designed as an aid to capture memories. Cause life is truly just about the stories. I wanted to remember the richness of life, all the good and bad, and so I built this.

Here’s how it works:
• ☀️5 minutes in the morning to set your intention.
• 💭Throughout the day, capture your mood with the “+” button.
• ✍️5 minutes in the evening to reflect on your day.
• 🔁Go to sleep, rise, and repeat.

Free Forever
Free. No ads. No limits on the number of entries. In-app purchases for customizations.

🙌 Create Good Habits
Developing the habit of journaling is hard work. Writeaday makes that simpler by motivating you with a color gradient that grows, the more you write.

⭐️ Features
• Type “#” before any word to #tag it.
• Large widget for your homescreen.
• Controlled backup to your own personal Google Drive.

🌟 More Features
• Side menu will surface treasured memories from time to time.
• Quote of the day from the titans of our era.
• Day, Night, Dusk themes.
• Pincode & fingerprint lock.

💬 Mentions
• FbStart – Global Program by Facebook
• Top 10 Android Apps of February 2017 (PhoneDog)

🗣 Ed
I built writeaday because I wanted to quickly jot down notes in a journal throughout the day. I didn’t want to spend 30 minutes at the end of the day to keep a diary of how my day went. I also wanted a journal that motivated me to keep writing. I had tried to keep a journal in the past and never lasted more than a month 🤦‍♂️.

There’s a little visual indicator of your week:
Each day is assigned 1 color of the rainbow. So if you write every day, you get a complete weekly gradient as a handy visualization.

Reflect on your timeline of entries – your personal writing about your experiences, anything you need to vent about, or any gratitude that you want to express. This is your own personal scrapbook of feelings, whether you need a journal because you want to remember your past. Or because you suffer from depression and you need a diary for a therapeutic way to vent feelings.

🙇‍♂️ Be a Patreon for Writeaday! (http://bit.ly/writeaday-patreon)


Writeaday 5.0 ✨
• NEW: Five Minute Journal - morning and evening exercises ✍️
• Mood Tracking 😔😐😄

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