WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom: Life SimulationRPG v2.1.40 (Mod)

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WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom: Life SimulationRPG

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WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom: Life SimulationRPG

This kingdom welcomes immigrants from any country.
Let’s live in this kingdom!
This may not be a game.
Eternal time to get family and take over to descendants.
Unprecedented, stand-alone RPG and life simulator. Let’s start the kingdom life now.
It’s everything You want in a RPG.
Let’s immigrate to the free and peaceful kingdom and enjoy your another life.

Enjoy a free life with love and adventure.
Quests, battles, item gathering, harvest, love, marriage, even raising children.
An easy-going, relaxed play experience.
Real life takes on new meaning.

“WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom” is a simulation game that allows the player to enjoy a free lifestyle in an elaborate sandbox kingdom. The large number of AI characters that are moving about the kingdom and to whom the player can communicate make the player feel just as if they were playing an online game.
Since it’s release, “World Neverland – Elnea Kingdom” has seen over 60 updates with improvements and content enhancements reflecting the requests of players. It has achieved 1.5 million overall downloads.

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【Game Outline】

World Neverland is an original game made using an overhead community simulation system that is patented in Japan.
What makes this game unique from others of the same genre is that it feels as if it is simulating a living society. The kingdom that sets the stage for this game includes details such as realms, buildings, and even a national system. This creates a virtual community in which hundreds of people live. The various AI characters act of their own free will.

– The player arrives in this kingdom as a traveler, becomes a citizen, and then lives there.
– Each player has a house and field. The player can also save money to move into a mansion.
– The player can participate as the head of or a guest at events such as seasonal functions, state ceremonies, festivals, marriages, childbirths, and funeral services.
– Players can become friends with and marry other unmarried characters.
– Players can also work hard at a job or martial art to find success in this world.
– The player can also have several children to increase the size of their family.
– By transferring their control to offspring, the player can experience a long period of play over several generations of a family.
– Cooking can also be done using a variety of ingredients.
– Monsters can be defeated and dungeons or forests explored to gather resources or ingredients for cooking and making weapons.
– Martial arts tournaments can be entered, allowing players to compete to be the number one hero in the kingdom.
– The player is free to do, or not do, what they wish.
– The kingdom has a history of several hundred years, which can be read about in the library.

– Conpatibilty

Requires Android OS 5.1 or later. 3Gbyte Free RAM


・Added "Furnishing Mode".
* Either "Use" the furnishings or use from the "Character" menu.
・For "Costumes / Equipment", added filters to narrow down the displayed items.
・Adjustments have been made to some event scenes.
・Fixed the bug where you could not proceed further when you tried to enter "Vorugo Forest," etc., while you were not using the Deluxe Service.
・Other minor bug fixes and adjustments have been made.

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