WorldCraft : 3D Build & Craft v3.7.4 (Mod – Money)

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Feel bored? Craft Mini World 3D from Block with Worldwide Community for Free!

WorldCraft: 3D Build & Block Craft

Download WorldCraft: 3D Build & Block Craft MOD APK

Play best free block craft sandbox online multiplayer games. With fun survival crafting and building games. Create block world in creative. Enjoy survival: craft mine, build, survive.
Join the favorite game of many players. Create your unforgettable happy moments together.

Exciting features WorldCraft : 3D Build & Craft:

• Fun building games: Share your construction to online multiplayer.
• Best multiplayer games ever: It’s a fun. Totally free.
• Exciting exploration: Explore thousands of creative block words made by real players.
• Cool survival sandbox: Mine and craft resources. Get a food to satisfy a hunger, minicraft a farm, grow seeds. Build a base to survive, battle monsters.
• Weapon: Explode TNT! Shoot using bow with arrows.
• Tons of blocks: Use for survival crafting and building games.
• Cool 3d pixel graphics.
• Choose your character.
• Tame animals: Cats, dogs. It’s so cool!
• Play online or offline

Construct your own block worlds
City or villages, house or bridge, mine or underground base royale. Start with easy building and show what you can do.

Fun exploration
Visit amazing cube constructions made by real players online.

Online multiplayer community
Make good friends all around the real world 3d while playing the construction sandbox.

Create unique happy moments with friends
It’s so easy to chat and construct with kids, friends, classmates or new people around the world.

Feel bored WorldCraft : 3D Build & Craft?
Start your own survival game. Battle monsters to survive, get food to satisfy hunger, build a house, mine, craft.

Tame pets with lite exploration
Tame cat or dog, breed other animals. Keep exploring or construction the infinite server.

Tons of new features
Stay tuned for new upcoming updates. Write suggestions and reviews to the game.


Worldcraft is the best online multiplayer block crafting and building games with great survival sandbox. Download it now and start creating your awesome mini block worlds!


- Updated and improved attack animations for mobs in survival
- Added sign blocks. Put signs anywhere in the world and write any text on them
- Nickname of the multiplayer map’s owner is displayed with green color
- Added screen safe area support for devices with notches and hole punches
- Improved survival maps saving
- Now you can feed tamed wolf and ocelot
- Now tamed wolves will follow player and attack hostile mobs
- Fixed issues with eating and digging when player moves quickly around

WorldCraft: 3D Build & Block Craft MOD APK Info:

635.2K total
5 334.2K
4 57.3K
3 45.9K
2 33.0K
1 164.9K

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