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Control your device's volume by simply sliding up or down the edge of the screen


IMPORTANT: If the app isn’t working for you (especially on Redmi devices), please go into Settings, or wherever you grant your permissions, and make sure VolumeSlider is allowed to DRAW OVER APPS / DISPLAY POP-UP WINDOW / PERFORM SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW / MODIFY SYSTEM SETTINGS. If you still have issues, please e-mail me first before leaving a negative review. Out of fairness, I will not attempt to help anyone who leaves a negative review before giving me a chance to help.

Are the volume buttons on your device broken? Are you always hitting the wrong one? Try VolumeSlider, the volume button replacer. Control up to four different volume streams* on the same screen by simply sliding your finger up or down the edges of the screen. It’s that easy, and bonus, VolumeSlider now controls brightness as well. This feature is experimental though, and I will work to improve it. Please keep that in mind and/or contact me first before leaving ratings based on your experiences using the brightness setting.

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*Controlling 2 or 4 streams simultaneously requires the ad-free, paid version (just a buck!). Free version allows controlling one stream on the left or right side. Free version contains banner and interstitial ads and will indicate when an interstitial ad is about to be shown first.

Lastly, to users and fellow devs, beware a user who goes by “B. Rajan B. Rajan” aka “brcp brcp” aka “br br”. He hits you up for a promo code, claiming there’s an error when trying to purchase the app. See the emails below:




- UNINSTALL then REINSTALL. Give ALL permissions (Do Not Disturb, Draw over other apps, Write settings, and Accessibility)
- New edge options on the left and right sides for premium users
- New selections: in-call and auto rotate!
- Increased sensitivity so you get more adjusting with shorter sliding
- Use of system toast is default for now
- Free users get left edge only

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