University Empire Tycoon v1.1.5.3 (Mod – Unlimited Money)

University Empire Tycoon v1.1.5.3 (Mod - Unlimited Money)
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Build the best University. Hire great professors, and educate your students.

University Empire Tycoon v1.1.5.3 (Mod - Unlimited Money)

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University Empire Idle Tycoon is a management game where you are in charge of opening a private university to try and generate a good business. Through a top-down view of the whole environment, all you have to do is go about upgrading the installations and increasing the staff to attract more and more students.

In University Empire Idle Tycoon you have to hire different professors according to the degrees that you offer. In this sense, all you have to do is take a look at the available staff to formalize offers and try and add these teachers to your faculty. Equally, as the game advances, you will be able to provide more degrees within your academic offers.

University Empire Idle Tycoon has simple visuals that let you control each and every process. By spending your available budget, you will improve the conditions of each classroom so all your students feel comfortable. What’s more, you can gradually hire prestigious professors that will help you add more prestige to your new center.

In University Empire Idle Tycoon, the gameplay gets more addictive as you upgrade the installations of your private university. Choosing a good dean will also be an important factor for maintaining control over all aspects of the institution. In fact, as the months go by, you will see how your students acquire knowledge that will allow them to find job opportunities that will give more prestige to the center.


- Fixed visual errors
- Updated translations
- Fixed rewards by watching videos
- Fixed Gratuates filer error in events
- Fixed blocking tutorials
- Renew competitions with videos

University Empire Tycoon -Idle MOD APK Info:

33.0K total
5 18.4K
4 6.4K
3 3.5K
2 1.8K
1 2.9K
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