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Tiny Gems

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Tiny Gems

Tiny Gems is a small retro game. Your goal is to complete levels by collecting enough diamonds for the door to open. While you collect the gems you have to avoid hazards such as spiders and boulders. One faulty dash and you will get squashed.

Features of the game

* 30 hand crafted levels
* A level editor to create custom levels, with the ability to share your creations with your friends and the world.
* 7 different game skins, varying from black and white to light green
* Basic controller support (Editor and text fields are not supported yet)
* 5 Achievements to unlock the game skins
* Supports both Portrait and Landscape mode
* Ability to increase the graphics resolution (1X and 2X)


* Added HD skins!
* Fixed issue that prevented saving of the game settings
* Fix regarding to saving in version 1.09, where it would not use the proper folder.
In case you booted up 1.09, your levels still exist. And should be back in this version.


Unlock all levels
7.0 total
5 4.0
4 0.0
3 2.0
2 1.0
1 0.0

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