Three Kingdoms: Epic War v1.7.0 (Mod)

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Classic Three Kingdoms strategy game mixed with real-time battle & RPG elements!

Three Kingdoms: Epic War

Three Kingdoms: Epic War

==Open world sandbox, Roam through the Three Kingdoms==
More than 10,000 players will play on the same map. Compete or cooperate, what will you choose?

==Stunning artworks by top artists, Numerous great characters==
More than 300 Three Kingdoms characters, portrayed by renowned artists all over the world. Every Hero has their own unique skill. The key to victory is to choose the right lineup.

==Borderless battlefield, True to history==
1000 vs 1000 at max! Smart battle AI offers you the full experience of the epic historical battles.

==Coalitions and country wars, Become the Emperor of China==
Players can create or join a Guild to participate in massive battles like Siege and Country War.
Cities on the world map can be occupied by Guilds. Different cities produce different resources. Only the strongest Guild will occupy the capital city: Luoyang.

==Historical and fictional scenarios, Superb voice acting==
Experience history from different perspectives of four factions: Wei, Shu, Wu and Qun.

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Welcome to Three Kingdoms: Epic War! The real battle has just begun!
Open world sandbox battlefield, strategic gameplay with stunning cards designed by top artists. Ready to get back to the chaotic world of the Three Kingdoms!

Three Kingdoms: Epic War
Three Kingdoms: Epic War
Three Kingdoms: Epic War
Three Kingdoms: Epic War


Three Kingdoms: Epic War is Available NOW

Three Kingdoms: Epic War MOD APK

God Mode
High attack

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