Mod APK v3.22 (Pro Unlocked) Mod APK v3.22 (Pro Unlocked)
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Discover the life-changing benefits of meditation with Mod APK v3.22 (Pro Unlocked)

Download Meditate, Think Positive & Succeed MOD APK Mod APK helps you become healthier, happier & confident by using powerful meditation & mindfulness techniques. It offers daily affirmations, a rich library of goal-based guided meditations & mindfulness tools like Yoga and Emotional Journal. It helps you make a paradigm shift from stress to calm, anger to peace, anxiety to confidence, sadness to happiness, to create a more focused & joyful YOU!

Our exclusive daily affirmation journey provides you a powerful affirmation every day and handholds you to reaffirm and live this affirmation throughout the day. This unique daily journey is anchored by world-renowned mentor and meditation master BK Shivani.
Other globally acclaimed masters and guides provide a range of goal-oriented guided meditations & mindfulness techniques. APK Key Features:

  • Daily Affirmation Journey with a powerful affirmation for the day
  • Rich library of guided meditations for personal growth, self-healing, inner peace and sleep, etc.
  • Music to help you relax, focus & reduce stress
  • Meditation timer
  • Mindfulness journal to help you keep track of your thoughts and emotions
  • Yoga For Mind – An exclusive yoga journey by renowned mentors to guide you on your path of health and wellness Mod APK comes with access to our complete library of meditations and daily journeys.


In our quest to provide a mindful and calming experience to our users, we have made a few changes based on user feedback and surveys.
We have added a new section called Morning Zen, which is a collection of stories, techniques and meditations that will help you start your day with positivity, calmness, hope and motivation. Thank you for your constant support!
If you run into any trouble, let us know at [email protected] Meditate, Think Positive & Succeed MOD APK Info:

  • Pro Subscription unlocked

  • Screenshot Restriction Removed

  • VPN & Root Detections Removed

  • No Ads

  • Debug info Removed

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