The Wanderer : A Post-Apocalyptic Survival v5.010 (Mod – Caps increasing)

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☢ Explore and survive this post apocalyptic text based survival game!

☢ The Wanderer : A Post-Apocalyptic Survival

☢ Wander the harsh wasteland as one of the last remaining survivors searching for supplies and battling any unwanted visitors in this ‘Fallout’ inspired ‘idle text-based post-apocalyptic adventure survival’ game.

☢ Gather supplies from Canned Food to Rare Candy as well as improving your gear.

Trade your Caps with a local trader

Craft items for exploration

☢ Look after a Pet

☢ Speculate on the supplies you have against the dangers of the wasteland

☢ Increase your camp level and increase your overall storage capacity.

☢ Find all the missing Camper Van parts and use it to travel the world map a lot quicker

☢ Make tough decisions which could affect your Karma and leave you with the outcome

☢ Fight off bandits in a stats based combat system

Tap Tap Tap away and see how many days can you last?

☢ Good Luck Wanderer!

Visit the Wiki for tips and detailed information –

Music by Tomáš Dvořák – Planina

Join the DISCORD and be up to date with regular updates and post bugs so that they can be sorted as soon as possible! –


Fixed issue with grid layout flickering
Fixed issue with earning -exp in fights
Fixed issue with exp being below 0, previous issue prevents this from happening again
Fixed issue with fights cancel being really small
Changed how fights damage numbers look
Fixed issue with the skill points
Fixed issue with viewing active quests being blocked by the confirmation screen
Fixed issue with more grid layouts
Fixed issue with the day log overlapping the book

☢ The Wanderer : A Post-Apocalyptic Survival MOD APK

Unlimited currency

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