The Last Crusaders v1.2.1 (MOD)

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The Last Crusaders

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The Last Crusaders

Build your own team and take them to battle in this Fantasy RPG!

■ A strategic approach
In the game, you play as the mastermind of your army. You assign priorities, tell your allies when to use their ultimate abilities, etc.
A good strategy is the key to success on the battlefield. If a battle looks hard, try a different approach!

■ A cast of unique characters
Every hero you can summon in the game has a unique trait. So even if two heroes are within the same class, they may play vastly different.
Try new combinations of skills, gears and strategies, and you may find a new role for your favorite hero!

■ A casual experience
All the strategies and team management are planned out pre-battle, no further control is needed during a fight.
So sit back and relax, let us handle the camera and guide you through our hand-crafted sceneries, while you freely observe how your team performs.

■ A test of skills
When you are comfortable with the challenges we offer, it is time to test your skills against other players.
Take on teams carefully put together by others with your own, exploit their weaknesses, and rise through the ranks in the Arena!

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- Campaign & Paralogues Chapter 12.
- Monthly Bundles have been made available to purchase.
- A new Limited-Time Summon Event starts on May 3rd.
- New Skills.
- Balancing changes.
- Bug fixes.
Please refer to the in-game notifications for the full list of patch notes.
101.0 total
5 67.0
4 10.0
3 9.0
2 4.0
1 11.0

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