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Table Notes - Pocket database & spreadsheet editor

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Table Notes - Pocket database & spreadsheet editor

Create your own database on Android and collaborate with team members, customers and suppliers .
Enter data using custom forms.
Display and Analyze in spreadsheets.

Use Table Notes for Expense and Accounts, Product catalogues, Time schedules , Field surveys, Technical datasheets, Customer Enrollment, Audit and Inspection data & much more.

Key Features –

o Offline support and Auto Sync with cloud server when online
Work on your data offline. Once you are back online, this Android app syncs your records, photos, and files automatically with Table Notes Cloud.

o Real-Time collaboration with customers, suppliers and team members
(Coming soon)
Set multi-level access permissions. Team members can edit only their own data, can add new data or view other members’ data.

o Reminders synced with World Time Zone
The reminders sync with different time zones. They will buzz in all collaborator’s Android phones at the same time irrespective of geographies.

o Voice recognition for minimal typing
You can record long text through speech in your own language.

o Perform Calculations
Set formula for fields such as Total amount, Average ratings, etc through built-in calculator.

o Capture Images
Enhance your data with photos of documents such as invoices, receipts, etc.

o PDF and Excel reports
Create and share instant reports to review entries. Filter and sort your data to gain clearer insights.

o Graphs and analysis
Perform data analysis through graphical representation

o No IT skill required
User need not have any coding or programming knowledge. The form and database creation is a simple User interface in Android and Iphone.

o Make quick entries
New entries can be added directly from home screen shortcut and database can be viewed from the widget.

o Sample Templates on
Expenses, Tasks, Technical Comparison, Time Schedules & many more…

The casual, perhaps single-table user who just wants to throw up a simple To do list or an expense table.
The organizational / business user who might need teamwork collaboration, cloud storage & coordination, offline data collection and others.

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Some UI improvements
Notification for image syncing
Sheet can be selected while importing excel
Hide columns
Publish tables as a website so anyone can see it without installing app
Table settings like change row height
Local backup option implemented as XLS files
Collaboration access rights can be edited later

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  1. Setelah di Install dan di Membuka Aplikasi nya selalu keluar lagi. Buka Aplikasi malah keluar sendiri terus terusan

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