SnapTime – SilentㆍSquareㆍStamp Camera v3.16 (Pro)

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SnapTime - Silent Stamp Camera

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SnapTime - Silent Stamp Camera

SnapTime has built-in add-ons including default camera features, inserts date and time, location, photo memo or QR code in real time, and easily take high quality square photos for SNS or blog at all resolutions.

Silent, vibration shutter for manners
ㆍEasy change the camera shutter to sound, silent, or vibration.
ㆍUseful in lecture or meeting room, public places and easily take pictures for baby and companion animal.

High-resolution square photo at all resolutions
ㆍNo settings are needed for 1:1 ratio square pictures.
ㆍEasy take pictures and instant share for SNS or Blogs such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram.

Real-time stamping of date, time and location
ㆍTake a picture while checking the stamp on the screen.
ㆍEasy to know when and where took the pictures, and useful for the on-site pictures.

Geotagging and geocaching options
ㆍRecord the photo location in EXIF format and view in the map.
ㆍGPS location stamps can be used for geocaching.

Convenient camera and video functions
ㆍScreen touch shot and Selfie mirroring.
ㆍVolume button shot and remote control.
ㆍSelf-timer countdown enlarged display.
ㆍZoom, exposure adjustment for backlight.
ㆍContinuous focus, autofocus, HDR mode.
ㆍMonochrome and sepia effects for photo and video.
ㆍAuto create the video stamp file.

Additional stamp options
ㆍSave original photo without stamp.
ㆍEdit stamps of existing photos.
ㆍEdit location (travel spot, place, etc.)
ㆍEdit memo (anniversary, name, etc.)
ㆍSelect or deselect stamps.
ㆍStamp fonts, color and size.
ㆍAuto generate the QR code stamp.

※This app does not collect any personal information, uses only the minimum permission to run it.


*If troubles using the app, please contact via support in the settings menu.
ㆍHide option buttons when running the app.
ㆍWatermark size setting option.
ㆍAdd touch shot button.
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5 55.0
4 15.0
3 8.0
2 7.0
1 8.0

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