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Shapes and Holes

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Shapes and Holes

New gameplay! Simple and addictive. Perfect for short breaks.

Match shapes and holes. Colors don’t matter, only forms. Looks like a challenge for kids? But it’s not so easy when time is ticking, colors are different and shapes are running away, going invisible or you need to count them. Complete the original campaign of 65 levels with different rules and tiles. Or play levels with infinite time for a high score.

Campaign mode
– Match shapes and holes to win the level before you run out of time.
– 65 levels with different rules and tiles in the original campaign.
– Fast levels with simple rules at the beginning and difficult puzzles at the end.
– More levels in the winter campaign.
– Train you concentration, memory and counting skills while playing.

Levels mode
– Play for a high score with infinite time.
– Increasing difficulty over time.

Free version


New Halloween campaign.
New levels for the duel mode.
Increased speed of all duel levels.
Lighter colors for some dark levels.
Fixed bugs.
Too few users ratings

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