Shadow Fight 3 v1.24.3 (Mod – Freeze the enemy)

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Epic mobile RPG fighting is back! Your ultimate ninja journey awaits!

Shadow Fight 3 - RPG fighting game

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Shadow Fight 3 – the third part of the famous series of fighting games – Shadow Fight. This game is completely different from the past parts, a new 3D graphics, new characters and locations. Do missions and quests to train your warrior, arm and forward to new battles. In the game there is multiplayer, make battles against your friends online.


Version 1.24.1 changes:
- Technical support for upcoming events themed on winter holidays added;
- Technical support for upcoming new Transformation story chapter (Itu's Plane, p.3) added;
- Technical improvents added, also many bugs fixed.

Shadow Fight 3 - RPG fighting game MOD APK Info:

When the opponent jumps or rolls, if the opponent hits the opponent, the opponent will be locked. If the opponent moves again, stop for a while without hitting the opponent. (Same as ours), after finishing the tutorial, an error will be prompted, you need to restart, click "Continue", the game will be normal after restarting automatically
Note: If you enter the game and the progress bar does not go, exit and re-enter, you need to download more data
3.1M total
5 2.2M
4 345.4K
3 165.0K
2 79.5K
1 292.9K


  1. Shadow fight 3 is updated today into 1.23.0 …….
    please update your mod 1.22.1 to latest version mod (1.23.0)
    add more features in your sf3 mod menu….frozen enemy isnt enough to win!!
    Thank You.

  2. Nice mod this is the best mod and not effect my I’d and gameplay i have enjoy to play for this mod.

  3. so in a while i havent seen so weird stuff now app not installed :/ get boored of seing pepole hitting em but somehow they dont get hit then i realize there is freze enemy mod :/ i wished i could buff my savegame abit and also not loose all my damn progress but ive got bit boored as well snice i saw it didnt work doe maybe i need lucky patcher again ……. i guess nothing is better then it and root exploler :/ do it ur self if it doesent work anyway tanks for that but i guess some other time i hope u release game install that is not gotta edit the inventory pls ! maybe make one that has data ++ and one that doesent have data tank u anyway @[email protected]

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