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Revenant Knight

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Revenant Knight

Revenant Knight – If you want a simple and profound battle, Try it right away.

▶Revenant Knight Introduction◀

A Resurrection after death.
There are a Knight and a Tombstone of a Lady
in the Delusion of space.
When the Night falls with the sound of wheels,
those who are drawn to the Tombstone come close, and
the Knight spends the Night fighting against them alone.
The Night the death continues and continues…

▶ Revenant Knight Features◀

The game will be played only with your skill. No Level up. No Equipment!
There is an option to lower the difficulty. But, don’t expect too much of that.
If you are absent-minded, the weakest enemy can take your life away.
36 types of enemy in 77 stages will try to kill you.

14 bosses are also waiting for a fierce battle with you.
Besides, the game have multiple endings. So, we recommend you to do more than one replay.
We needed hundreds of deaths to clear this game, because our skill was not good.
We think you can clear the game even more easily.
The basic controller follows the gamepad.


This game is offline game.
There is no way to transfer your save data to another phone.

Revenant Knight
Revenant Knight
Revenant Knight
Revenant Knight
Revenant Knight
Revenant Knight
Revenant Knight
Revenant Knight


Fix : game run error.
(I'm so sorry)

[New Function]
eternal blessing - This blessing raises all abilities forever.

Boss : the Outland Warrior, modifying some abilities
Heathen with a saw, modifying AI
Royal Knight's Barrier Capacity Modification

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