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Relax Meditation: Sleep with Sleep Sounds

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Relax Meditation: Sleep with Sleep Sounds

Improve your life.
Take a break in your day to relax and breathe, and discover how meditation and relaxation music can help you find inner peace and improve your life.

Simple design. Easy to use.
Ipnosโ€™s expert team has selected some of the best music and soothing sounds to allow you to create your very own zen ambience for mindfulness meditation, relaxation and sleep. Thanks to our user-friendly timer, you can time your session or ensure that the music stops on its own when you fall asleep.

Mix and create.
Discover over 70 different sounds, as well as 6 different brain waves to help you reach meditation and relaxation states.

Enjoy great features.
โ˜† High quality ambient sounds and melodies
โ˜† Binaural beats and isochronic tone for brainwave entrainment
โ˜† Create your own ambience mix by combining sounds and music to relax
โ˜† Default mixes for an easy startup
โ˜† Save your mixes as favorites
โ˜† Timer to set duration of your relaxation session
โ˜† Beautiful interface with high quality images
โ˜† Works offline

Carefully selected meditation and relaxation sounds.
โ˜† Healing waves
โ˜† Rain and wind
โ˜† White noise
โ˜† Mystic night
โ˜† Summer birds
โ˜† White noise
โ˜† Water and ocean
โ˜† Thunderstorm
โ˜† Wild river
โ˜† Tropical rain

Discover great content
Meditation is proven to help calm thoughts and focus on the present moment. Discover how it can relieve stress and make you feel better. We practice meditation every day at Ipnos and our team loves the results.

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