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Pocket Tanks – ONLINE v2.6.0 (Mod – Unlocked)

Pocket Tanks - ONLINE v2.6.0 (Mod - Unlocked)
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"The Ultimate One-on-One Artillery Game" – Now with cross-platform ONLINE Play!

Pocket Tanks - ONLINE v2.6.0 (Mod - Unlocked)

Download Pocket Tanks MOD APK

Pocket Tanks Deluxe – a very popular game where there is a battle between tanks. Game mechanics are full copies of the draft of the Worms series. Players will control tanks located on the mountain levels. Using a variety of onboard weapons is to destroy equipment of the enemy. To get to the goal, it is necessary to accurately calculate the trajectory of the projectile and the power of the shot. The accuracy can be trained in a special mode, then gamers are waiting for exciting battles and lots of positive emotions.


Download Pocket Tanks COMPLETELY FREE, and learn the ropes with 40 exciting weapons. The Free version also includes WiFi AND Online play, to challenge your friends wherever they are.

Upgrade in-app to Deluxe and receive:

– 100 brand new weapons (140 total with all free packs)
– Jump Jets for moving your tank around
– Bouncy Dirt for creating reflective terrain
– Digger for tunneling your tank underground
– Support for weapon expansion packs, both paid and FREE!

Pocket Tanks Plus Features …

Mud Pie
Cannon Ball
Fission Bomb
Mega Cruiser
Pillow Fight
Hot Foot
Lightning Strike
Gravity Well
Side Kick
Warp Gate

And a whole lot more!


Note from the author:

I have been writing artillery games since 1993. I created Pocket Tanks in 2001, and thanks to the many loyal fans, it is still in active development to this very day. Please join me in my quest to make Pocket Tanks a classic artillery game that stands the test of time. Thanks to all who have supported BlitWise over the years.

-Michael P. Welch
Author of DX-Ball & Scorched Tanks

Millions of downloads, over a decade of fun!

For the PC/Mac versions visit:


• 5 weapons - Battery Pack
• 15 weapons - Neutron Pack

Checkout these new expansion packs for Pocket Tanks Deluxe, and watch for even more new weapons in September to celebrate the 20th Anniversary. Thank you for supporting our game for all these years, and we'll keep the updates coming!

Pocket Tanks MOD APK Info:

171.9K total
5 119.0K
4 23.0K
3 10.5K
2 5.0K
1 14.5K

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