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Upadate: 27/12/2021
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Pick Me Up Mod APK Game is a driving arcade game where players jump behind the wheels of their very own taxi, aiming to pick up passengers all over the city and safely drop them off at their destination. The faster you drop off your customers at the right place, the more money you get. But if you crash, it’s GAME OVER.

Control systems in Pick Me Up are exceedingly simple. Pressing the screen has your car accelerate at full speed, while as soon as you stop pressing the screen, our vehicle slows down pretty quickly. That way it’s up to you to try to avoid any accidents when you enter an intersection. Plus, you’ll need to be extra careful not to speed especially when you face intersections where cars are coming at you at all different speeds.

When you start out playing Pick Me Up, all you’ll have at your disposition is just a single car to choose from. Yup, just one. Thankfully, as you play and increase your skills you’ll pick up more money, and can unlock loads more cars. However, bear in mind that each random car costs you a thousand dollars and that each customer will only pay you around thirty, so it may take a few games to earn that second vehicle.

Pick Me Up Mod APK is a very simple arcade game with just your fingertips, you’ll swerve full speed through heavy traffic in several different cities in the world. All this while picking up your customers and dropping them off at their final destination.

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◉ Bug fixes and gameplay improvements
◉ More new stuff coming soon!

MOD Info

unlock VIP
Unlimited banknotes
Free advertising to unlock vehicles

184.4K total
5 95.4K
4 57.2K
3 10.5K
2 5.8K
1 15.5K

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