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Change places to move on…

……If…you were born in darkness…
If…you cannot even walk……

This is a puzzle and action game.
No gravity and No Legs.
Coincidence or Destiny….
There is the unique skill to change places with an object.

If you were…how do you live……

from “Storyteller of this World”
to “All Supporting Actors”

Subsequently to “Qroon” and “Kllaver”, from jack, the new game “pertica”
Using the gimmick you’ve never seen, aim for clear

Features :
– Stage clear type puzzle game
– With easy operation, from grown up to child can enjoy
– Special sound and view that cannot get for free
– The difficulty you can clear within 3 hours
– You can enjoy in only 1 holiday
– The puzzle game but you try hard from 2 lap
– Get over 8 gimmicks and over 36 stages


Improvement of a stage

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