Penguin’s Isle v1.39.1 (Mod – free shopping)

Penguin's Isle v1.39.1 (Mod - free shopping)
4.6 | Simulation | 3 reviews | 47,800 Views

Need some healing?
Sit back and watch your penguins grow in Penguin Isle.

Penguin's Isle v1.39.1 (Mod - free shopping)

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Penguin Isle Mod APK Game is an incremental game that challenges you to provide a nice and cozy habitat for the cutest colony of penguins. Achieving your goal entails investing your earnings in order to improve a number of tasks for your charming black and white adventure buddies.

When you start the game you’ll have a tiny island and two penguins, one of them will dedicate its time to fishing. That’s the most basic task but it’ll help you earn coins little by little. The coins you earn by fishing can be invested in new habitats for even more penguins.

Aside from those habitats (which help you earn money) you can also raise penguins to earn more hearts. These hearts unlock new technology so you can earn all kinds of benefits: cheaper habitat prices, increase your earning speed, etc.

Penguin Isle Mod APK is a beautiful idle game. Not only does the game include charming visuals, but it also offers a mild approach to action (not even a hint of violence) opting instead to provide a safe place for penguins to live. Plus, the animals in the game are absolutely adorable.


Trick or treat! Our spooky Halloween version is now here!

1. Lucky Bag Event
- Open the pumpkin every day to claim exclusive rewards!
2. Halloween Package
3. New Penguin Costume
4. New Habitat: Bumper Cars
5. New Quests and Researches
6. New Merge Penguin
7. Viking Habitat decoration collection
8. Social function optimization

Penguin Isle MOD APK Info:

Unlimited Money
Unlimited Energy
365.5K total
5 282.2K
4 47.9K
3 17.9K
2 6.5K
1 11.0K
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