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Welcome, Champion…

Paladin is a brutal strategy game where you build the ultimate warrior. Countless ability combinations and procedurally generated levels make each game a fresh experience.
Just prepare to die… A lot.


✔️ Each level grants you a new ability. Choose wisely to build the ultimate divine warrior!
✔️ 10 unique classes with special abilities and stats.
✔️ Achievements unlock new powerful abilities to wield in battle, such as Whirlwind Bash, Crushing Leap & Avenger’s Shield, plus loads more!
✔️ Every level is procedurally generated. No two games are alike.
✔️ Hundreds of quests to complete, each with their own unique challenge! In addition, a new daily quest is generated each day.
✔️ Compete online with your friends (and the world) on a range of leaderboards 🏆 (and in the future, real-time combat)
✔️ Embrace each death by sharing a clip of your last few strategic moves.
✔️ Join the war effort and check your contribution compared to the rest of the world.

How long will you survive on your road to glory?

Features to come:
Player vs Player combat. Exciting monsters vs paladin mode. ⚔️
World builder. Create multi-stage challenges for other Players to traverse. Collect statistics on how many succeed and how many fell victim to your traps.

Paladin is completely free to play. Optional ads are presented and can be removed with a one-time purchase (synced across devices using Google Play).

Made with Unity.
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I've listened to your feedback and have made the game feel more responsive. Animation and move speeds have been significantly sped up.


Unlimited coins
56.0 total
5 47.0
4 9.0
3 0.0
2 0.0
1 0.0

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