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Upadate: 05/05/2022

NewPipe Apk info

NewPipe Mod APK does not use any Google framework libraries nor the YouTube API. Websites are only parsed to fetch required info so that this app can be used on devices without Google services installed. Also, you don’t need a YouTube account to use NewPipe, which is copylefted libre software. NewPipe is an Android application to download videos from YouTube that’s also a decent client for the video portal due to its appealing and sober design.

NewPipe Features

  • Search videos
  • Display general info about videos
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Listen to YouTube videos
  • Popup mode (floating player)
  • Select streaming player to watch video with
  • Download videos
  • Download audio only
  • Open a video in Kodi
  • Show next/related videos
  • Search YouTube in a specific language
  • Watch/Block age restricted material
  • Display general info about channels
  • Search channels
  • Watch videos from a channel
  • Orbot/Tor support (not yet directly)
  • 1080p/2K/4K support
  • View history
  • Subscribe to channels
  • Search history
  • Search/watch playlists
  • Watch as enqueued playlists
  • Enqueue videos
  • Local playlists
  • Subtitles
  • Livestream support
  • Show comments

Coming Features

  • Cast to UPnP and Cast
  • … and many more

Supported Services

NewPipe supports multiple services. Our docs provide more info on how a new service can be added to the app and the extractor. Please get in touch with us if you intend to add a new one. Currently, supported services are:

  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud [beta]
  • [beta]
  • PeerTube instances [beta]


When a change to the NewPipe code occurs (due to either adding features or bug fixing), eventually a release will occur. These are in the format x.xx.x . In order to get this new version, you can:

  • Build a debug APK yourself. This is the fastest way to get new features on your device, but is much more complicated, so we recommend using one of the other methods.
  • Download the APK from releases and install it.
  • Update via F-droid. This is the slowest method of getting updates, as F-Droid must recognize changes, build the APK itself, sign it, then push the update to users.

When you install an APK from one of these options, it will be incompatible with an APK from one of the other options. This is due to different signing keys being used. Signing keys help ensure that a user isn’t tricked into installing a malicious update to an app, and are independent. F-Droid and GitHub use different signing keys, and building an APK debug excludes a key. The signing key issue is being discussed in issue #1981, and may be fixed by setting up our own repository on F-Droid.

In the meanwhile, if you want to switch sources for some reason (e.g. NewPipe’s core functionality was broken and F-Droid doesn’t have the update yet), we recommend following this procedure:

  1. Back up your data via “Settings>Content>Export Database” so you keep your history, subscriptions, and playlists
  2. Uninstall NewPipe
  3. Download the APK from the new source and install it
  4. Import the data from step 1 via “Settings>Content>Import Database”

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MOD Info

• Renamed to NewPipe Extended
• Strings have been translated
• Optimized graphics
• Optimized languages
• Removed auto-update service
• Removed service ACRA (Analytics)
• Removed license files
• Removed junk files
• Removed debug information
• ZipAlign applied
• Ultra compression applied
• Languages: en, ru
MOD by Dentomer

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  1. Hello, is this version modded and different from the version that I downloaded from the official New Pipe’s site?


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