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Network Heartbeat

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Network Heartbeat

Network Heartbeat monitors network connections to make sure you can actually connect to the outside world. If a bad connection is detected, the app will notify you so that you can fix the situation.

Your device can be connected to a WiFi network that isn’t actually working and you would never know it. I developed this app because I have been connected to networks, especially public networks, waiting for important messages and never received them because of a bad connection.

Permissions explained:

Full network access – Attempt connection to an external server to see if the network is working.

View network connections / View Wi-Fi connections – Check if the phone is connected to WiFi or using mobile data.

Prevent phone from sleeping – This is for the scheduled network checks while your phone is locked, the app needs to “wake” the phone temporarily to check the network connection.

Run at startup – This is for starting the scheduled checks automatically with your device.

Set an alarm – This is for setting the scheduled checks.

Control vibration – Notifications


It's been awhile since the last update, but thank you to everyone using this app. I hope you find it really useful.

- Removed the point system so now everyone gets the "retry connection" in-notification button by default.
- Upgrade the target device for newer devices. If you're on Lollipop or a more recent version of Android, you'll notice that the icons have changed. This is due to Android's requirement of all-white status-bar icons.
- Reduced the APK file size.
430.0 total
5 302.0
4 60.0
3 43.0
2 11.0
1 14.0

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