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Muzzleloaded It’s 1776 and you are on your way to Philadelphia to join the Continental Army when your ship is caught in a vicious storm! Shipwrecked and alone, you seek shelter in a mysterious cave. This is where your real adventure begins! You find a muzzleloader resting on an old crate and decide to pick it up. When a creature tries to attack, you shoot it and quickly realize the muzzleloader reloads on its own! The way out is blocked; you will have to delve deep within the depths full of dangerous sea creatures and challenging bosses. Will you ever be able to return to the surface and join the fight for independence?

Key Features Muzzleloaded:

-1 New weapon to obtain
-3 Large levels to explore
-4 Upgrades to discover
-4 Challenging bosses to defeat


I added a dpad cover, which is smaller than the actual dpad, to save on screen space.
Too few users ratings

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