MoonBox – Sandbox Battle Simulator v0.3.28 (Mod)

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MoonBox - Sandbox. Zombie Simulator.

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MoonBox - Sandbox. Zombie Simulator.

Super MoonBox is a free battle simulation sandbox game.

In this free battle arcade sandbox game you can create units, zombies and other monsters and watch them fight!

Tower defence: Created too many zombies? No problem! Build towers to defend your marines.

Physics and 3D: Ragdoll and physics engine! Drive cars on the battlefield. Each vehicle has unique skill. Try them all!
Jumping car or rocket truck, enjoy crazy fun drive.

Battlefield: Join the battle. Throw grenades, launch rockets and place mines to protect the side of your choosing.

Defenses: Build and craft defenses. Be creative!

Tactics: Experiment with tactics in the battle for the moon quest!

Zombies: Stop zombie apocalypse! Shoot zombies with rockets and hit them with cars!

Medics: Too many wounded? Jet medics will help you out.

You can play this Sandbox game offline without wi fi or internet connection

Download Super MoonBox – Space Battle Simulator Sandbox game for FREE!

If you are experiencing any problems, please do get in contact with me here:

Leave a feedback or suggestions if you want to see more features and units in this free Sandbox game!



Version 0.3.23

Change log:

- Units are looking for enemy bases and attacking them
- Units are smarter now and will bypass obstacles and find a way out if they have one
- Zoom when unit/car controlling
- New turrets
- New Bases
- Atomic Bomb
- Force field
- Freezing rocket
- Added "Pusher" Super Human


Unlocked paid content.
3.1K total
5 1.2K
4 397.0
3 408.0
2 377.0
1 724.0

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