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Moment Pro Camera

Moment Pro Camera is now across both photo and *video* including RAW and full manual controls to easily adjust exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, image format, as well as Moment Anamorphic lens support*.

Photographers – shoot in RAW with full manual controls to easily adjust exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, and image format. Now you can control the details you’re used on a DSLR camera.

Filmmakers – you now get all the manual controls above plus multiple video resolutions and frame rates as well as both NTSC and PAL support

+ Anamorphic – use the Moment Anamorphic lens to shoot amazing, letterbox style photos and videos*.

+ Exposure control – Get just the right shot with a broad range of real-time exposure compensation.

+ Chose PAL or NTSC video frame rates

+ Live Histogram in photo mode – Get your exposure right every time.

+ Moment Lens – select which lens you are shooting with.

+ RAW – Shoot photos in RAW format for more editing control

+ Full Manual – Control ISO, shutter speed, focus, and white balance independently with easy to use sliders and double taps to reset.

+ Precise Video** – Change your resolution and frame rate on screen, without digging into a settings menu.

* Currently, when the Moment anamorphic lens is selected, we de-squeeze the viewfinder while shooting and playback in the app. Exported video files will still need post-processing to de-squeeze. We are working hard on this and will be adding it a future release.

** Moment Pro Camera Available resolution and frame rates are dependent on device and camera 2 API support and may vary by phone.


We love hearing from you. If you have any features, ideas, or feedback please email us at or DM us on Instagram @moment.


- Lens Switcher: Notification when manufacturer is not allowing this functionality
- Bugfix: Xiaomi Red and Blue Color Channels Inverted
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