Military Strike – Gun fire battle v1.0.1 (Mod)

Military Strike - Gun fire battle icon

Military Strike - Gun fire battle

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Military Strike - Gun fire battle

The pirates attacked the village and took the villagers hostage.

Brave warrior, please take up your weapon and fight.

Kill all the pirates and rescue the hostages!

Game features:

The game screen is beautiful and the sound is realistic!
Weapon system is rich:
A variety of types of firearms, each type of firearms have a variety of options, pistols, rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, a variety of firearms for you to choose, each weapon can be upgraded in a variety of configurations, play an explosive power!
Choose your favorite gun and fight with you for the battlefield that belongs to you only!

Rich patterns:
There are main line mission mode, survival mode, daily challenge mode, BOSS challenge and so on!
Main line task: You can upgrade yourself and arm yourself by completing various main line tasks and getting rich rewards!
Survival mode: survive to the end of the enemy’s steady force suppression!
Daily challenges can try special weapons and feel the powerful firepower of special weapons!
The BOSS level and special mission mode rewards are particularly rich, and the difficulty is quite large. Only the genius with superb shooting skills can pass!
The game doesn’t need wifi, enjoy it anytime, anywhere!


Free Shopping
Such as the phenomenon of card screen when buying, you can re-enter after disconnecting the net
103.0 total
5 90.0
4 9.0
3 3.0
2 0.0
1 1.0

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