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Google Play Indie Games Festival 2018 TOP 3 Selection !

MazM: Jekyll and Hyde

The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde reimagined as a story adventure game!

MazM: Jekyll and Hyde Game Features

– Genre: Story Adventure Game.
– Play to the end for free and without ads.
– Enjoy all content with one single payment.
– Enjoy the game even without internet connection.
– Revel in the fascinating mystery portrayed with extraordinary artwork and captivating BGM.
– Jekyll and Hyde has been optimized for 16:9

◆MazM’s Second Project◆

Our second project, ‘MazM: Jekyll and Hyde’, is our interpretation of a great piece of classic literature. It is a story adventure game based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 mystery novel ‘Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’.
Find clues, enjoy stories, and solve problems.

Haunting artwork captures the gloomy atmosphere of London in the late 19th century, setting it apart from other traditional games. Experience the mystery of the original’s cat and mouse game through the eyes of Mr. Utterson, a lawyer chasing Hyde, and face the psychological changes that the main character undergoes.

Play and experience cinematic, movie-caliber storytelling.

◆ MazM Project Introduction

∙ MazM is a project that reinterprets well-known stories into games.
∙ The essence of the original story can be found everywhere in the game.
∙ Immerse yourself in the emotional rollercoaster that goes beyond the original tale.
∙ MazM Official Homepage:

[Essential Access Permission Guide]
When using apps, we ask for access to provide the following services.

– Device photo / media / file access:
The app currently does not have access to device photos and media, and is only used to access game data.


- Fixed a bug that couldn’t go ahead in Utterson’s house
- Fixed a bug that text was not displayed properly

- Some UI fixes for adding languages
- Vietnamese added

MazM: Jekyll and Hyde MOD APK

In-app purchases (gold coins cannot be purchased)
large amounts of currency
If you can't enter the game, please open the storage permission of the game and restart the game in the permission management interface of the phone.

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