Magic Tower-2019 restores classic v3.3 (Mod)

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Magic Tower-2019 restores classic

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Magic Tower-2019 restores classic

The Magic Tower is a very fun RPG game, and the childhood game is finally on the phone! This is a new work in 2019, with a new touch and pathfinding that eliminates the need for a cumbersome operation of the joystick. The delicate restoration of the classics guarantees the original taste.

If you are an old player, this magic tower game is definitely your best choice, support touch and find the way, completely restore the classic original flavor. If you are a new player, this decade-old and extremely brain-breaking magic tower game will definitely get your favorite.

It is not easy for the magic tower to clear the customs. It must be more brain-calculated. There are a variety of treasures in the game to help players clear customs, and each NPC conversation needs to be carefully looked at, sometimes taking a wrong step will lead to the failure of the game. It is recommended to have multiple archives in the game.

Currently supports Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional. If you need to support other languages, please leave a comment in the comments area.

In the short term, other classic magic towers will be launched on the basis of this game. Please pay attention to the update, please look forward to it! ! !


Fix some model display problems.Fix known bugs.


A large number of gold coins
Enter the game to select "50 layer magic tower", click "read archive", select the created role to get.
15.0 total
5 8.0
4 2.0
3 3.0
2 0.0
1 2.0

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