Magic Streets – Location based RPG v1.0.35 (Mod – Unlimited Gold)

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GPS based RPG, explore your local neighborhood and build your perfect hero!

Magic Streets - Location based RPG

The description of Magic Streets - Location based RPG MOD APK

Do you feel like a true knight, mage or archer? Try Magic Streets, the location based RPG game. This GPS game takes place in your local neighborhood and brings the gameplay of the classic RPGs to it. The game is played in an endless open fantasy world where strangers, dungeons, traders, chests and craft stations can be found. But be aware, there are also dangerous enemy creatures lurking around! Level your character, build your own equipment, complete quests and build your own perfect hero!

Feel free to join the Magic Streets discord server to talk about the game, report bugs or share improvements:

Fully customizable character:

– Craft your own weapons and armor.
– Improve your skills to build the perfect Knight, Mage or Archer.
– Collect and build your own companion.

Fun and challenging battle system:

– Unique and challenging battle system.
– Equip the right weapon for the right encounter.
– Clear dungeons.
– Rescue strangers from enemies.

Interesting world:

– Explore your neighborhood using GPS to find traders, resources, chest, enemies and more.
– Complete the main and sub storyline.
– Use the portal to travel between the upper and dark underworld where tougher opponents await.
– Build craft stations on the map to craft your own unique equipment!
– Talk to strangers to get new quests or complete the daily challenges.

Enjoy together:
– Join a guild and complete challenges together!

Give Magic Streets a try now and send me a message if you know good improvements for the game.

Magic Streets - Location based RPG
Magic Streets - Location based RPG
Magic Streets - Location based RPG
Magic Streets - Location based RPG


-New poi types added to separate the different resource types
-Added storage expansion options in the shop
-Increased skill points to 3 per level
-New companion daily mission added
-It’s not possible to deconstruct equipped & favourite items anymore
-Items do now hide when making them favourite at a merchant
-Increased drop rate for magic & rangec items
-Made underground cooldowns unique from overworld
-Swapped food/potion sections
-Fixed free tower move
-Removed rings/necklaces deconstruction

Magic Streets - Location based RPG MOD APK

1. Unlimited Gold*
2. Unlimited Diamonds*
*Increase when you spent
1.5K total
5 846.0
4 473.0
3 80.0
2 70.0
1 70.0

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