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Turn your device into a loopstation with this looper app

Loopify Beta

Download Loopify Beta MOD APK

Get Loopify for your Android phone or tablet and use your mic to start recording your awesome loops. No more need to buy a physical loopstation, get this looper now and start looping right away!

Loopify will ask you to grant permissions to the microphone and storage. Without these permissions the app won’t work. Once granted you will be asked to calibrate your device. Calibration is needed to handle the latency that every Android device has. This will make sure all your loops run in sync.

Click on any channels to start recording. Click it again to stop. Your first loop is created!

* 1, 2, 4 or 6 channels
* Merge channels
* Metronome
* Countdown
* Multiply loop measures
* Overdub on click or on wraparound
* Audio effects (input & channel)
* Reverb
* Echo
* Flanger
* Bitcrusher
* Compressor
* Filter
* Gate
* Guitar distortion
* Trim first loop
* Shift loop
* Time Stretching (control by metronome)
* Share projects with friends
* Record songs (.m4a or wav)
* Share songs
* Panning per channel

The free version of Loopify provides all you need to start looping. The Premium upgrade will give you full access to all Loopify’s features to get the most of your looping experience!


Big UI change/improvements
Replace onboarding screens for a nicer flow
Channel FX
Removed timestretching (Needed for technical reasons)
- Unexpected time stretching
- Fix loading of older sessions
Too few users ratings

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