Kings and Magic: Heroes Duel v1.0.0.9 (Mod)

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Kings and Magic: Heroes Duel
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Kings and Magic: Heroes Duel

Kings and Magic is an interesting online game with stunning battle scenes and tactical gameplay , provides you fast-paced but extremely fun experience. In the game, you’ll play a lord and need to learn various magic skills, call on and lead original heroes to fight against enemies, and build up your own kingdom to become an outstanding lord in this fantastic magic world.

Kings and Magic: Heroes Duel FEATURES

●Build farms, lumber mills, and produce resources, developing your realm and make it a strong assurance for your conquest and adventure journey.

●More than 100 magic skills and plentiful combinations of them can make brilliant attacks and achieve legendary battles .

●Five heroes per team in a battle and each one has his distinct specialty. Construct the best team combination according to certain task is the key to victory.

●Group up for monster hunt, adventure and develop tasks. Translate function in chatting system guarantees you smooth communication with gamers worldwide.

●Unlock different types of rewards every day by completing daily task, dueling in Arena, exploring Dungeons.

Various strategies, more exciting adventure and challenges are waiting for you! Join us, show your intelligence and have fun!

Kings and Magic: Heroes Duel Requires OS 4.0.3 and above.
A network connection is also required.

We will keep updating to make sure the continuing improvement in game experience.


Hero Evolution
Increase the max level of Hero evolution, 6-star hero will have new appearance after evo+18.
New Hero
New 6-star hero Guan Yu
Mount level
1.Increase the max level to LV20 for all mount
2.From LV11, mount will get armor.
New wild map and model
1.Add a new map after Forbidden Woods
2.Adding the extreme mode on wild map
new 7 star Red Equipment
It can be purchased at the mystery merchant.


1 Hit kill
God Mode
1.4K total
5 943.0
4 145.0
3 78.0
2 41.0
1 147.0

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