Kate Mobile for VK v53.2 (Pro)

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Kate Mobile for VK

53.2 lite
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Kate Mobile for VK

Vk video. Vk music. Offline mode. Vk films. And much more.
Best application for VK.


- Fixed: Bots in the chat members list were not displayed.
- Fixed: Bot keyboard in the chat were not displayed.
- The "Add to audio" menu item in similar audio.
- Ability to copy join link for chat.


+ Audio cache
+ "Play with ..."
+ No audio limit
+ No Ads
+ Added second id in profile
+ Mark admins in a conversation (symbol ★ next to the name)
+ Alternative proxy (xtrafrancyz)
+ Disabled updates
+ Old smiles by default
+ Old color like
+ Music without Google Play Services
+ Maximum number of answers
+ When attaching a photo from the gallery, long tap to open a photo in size, short tap select a photo
+ Extended registration date
+ Standard icon
580.4K total
5 452.7K
4 72.0K
3 23.9K
2 8.8K
1 23.0K

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