Internet Speed Meter v2.0.1 (Premium)

Internet Speed Meter v2.0.1 (Premium)
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Live Internet Monitor Download and Upload Speed in status and notification bar

Internet Speed Meter v2.0.1 (Premium)

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Internet Speed Meter displays real-time internet speed in status bar, notification bar and shows the amount of data in notification bar. It also shows download and upload speed in real-time graph.

Internet Speed Meter Features

➢Live download and upload speed
➢Daily and monthly basis internet usage record.
➢Real-time speed in status bar and notification bar
➢Optional download or upload speed in status bar
➢Real-time Graphical representation of Download, Upload speed
➢Last one minute or last five minutes in real-time graph
➢Separate download, upload speed in notification bar
➢Data representation in MegaBytes per second (MBps) or Megabits per second (Mbps)
➢You can hide lockscreen notification
➢Multiple themes
➢Monitors data for the last 30 days
➢Separate stats for Mobile and WiFi
➢Battery efficient
➢You can remove ads

Internet Speed Meter is a free application. Install and enjoy!

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