Infinite Zoom Live Wallpaper v1.7.8 (Premium)

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Infinite Zoom Live Wallpaper

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Infinite Zoom Live Wallpaper

Live Wallpaper featuring hypnotizing infinitely zooming patterns – The patterns keep on zooming endlessly. A super trippy awe inspiring Live Wallpaper with mind boggling optical illusions. Highly customizable with tons of options and custom colors. Download the app and see it yourself!

24 trippy fractal pattern designs ranging from minimalistic geometry to floral ornaments, psychedelic spirals, swirls and tunnels. Customize with the colors of your choice, choose from various styling and randomization options, change position, speed and direction of the zoom and create your individually customized phone wallpaper.

The free version includes six customizable designs. Unlock all features and designs with a one-time payment. This includes all future updates to the app. Your support enables me to keep improving this app. Ad free!

Created by Nikolaus Baumgarten. Please spread the word and leave a feedback and a rating to support this app! Be sure to check out my other app Zoomquilt if you like this!



––– Version 1.7.8 –––
* Bugfixes
––– Version 1.7.7 –––
* Position randomization
* Outwards zoom direction

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