Idle Submarine: Crafting Journey v3.0.8 (Mod)

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🌊 Manage idle submarine, dig gold & will be first in the race around the world.

Idle Submarine: Crafting Journey

Idle Submarine is an adventure idle – game.
Start commanding of Submarine, join the international round-the-world race and become the best captain.The race will not be an easy walk, the opponents are strong, and to become the first, upgrade the boat on the move: engine, production system, jet section, cargo hold. Collect unexplored resources at the bottom, complete quests for Mr. Dave Johnson, explore caves and design your unique Submarine. Seal the hatch and let’s go!

Key features:

⭐ Quests.
Help to 8 unique characters, and they will help you to win the race, rewarding you with resources, gold, and blueprints of details. There are many tasks, the ocean is full of surprises, so you won’t be bored.

⭐ A variety of minerals and automatic collection.
Explore more than 20 types of underwater resources. Each of them can be mined and used for selling or crafting new parts. Fill the air into the extraction system cylinders and it will automatically fill your hold even if you are offline.

⭐ Crafting and upgrades.
Create and improve new parts for the Submarine or design a new one. Available over 400 different parts and 20 different submarines. Increasing the speed in knots, enhanced mining, increasing resilience will help to win.

⭐ Various locations.
Visit 23 locations around the world: underwater cities, dark caves, coral reefs, underwater cemeteries of bathyscaphes, seas, and oceans.

⭐ World ranking.
Win in the round-the-world race and become the best captain in the world ranking.

⭐ Caves.
There are underground caves on the way, take a chance to visit them to find treasures (or problems 😄).

⭐ Clan system.
Create your flotilla or join an existing one to fight others for victory. Together – more fun!

⭐ An Ocean of fun!

🏁 How far will you move up?

Did you like to explore the depths? We will be very pleased with your good reviews!👍

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🏁 Update 3.0
In this version, you will become the first in the round-the-world underwater race from Mr. Dave Johnson!
We have added a lot of new content:

- The new story and quest system;
- 7 new characters who will interact with you: Max, Silver, Alex, Bradley, Jameson W., Fred, Mr. Dave Johnson;
- Submarines look sporty now;
- The new, more interactive map;
- World ranked system.

Idle Submarine: Crafting Journey MOD APK

Currency use is not reduced

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