Hybrid Animals v200328 (Mod – Unlimited gold coins)

Hybrid Animals v200328 (Mod - Unlimited gold coins)
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Breed animals together, and see what new creature it makes!

Hybrid Animals v200328 (Mod - Unlimited gold coins)

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Hybrid Animals – unusual simulator for Android with three-dimensional graphics, which allows you to create a unique living creature of different animal species. The game gives complete freedom crossing different fauna from each other, so the user can get a unique beast with particular characteristics and skills. After the player will be able to take control of his creation and explore the large open world. It will be like to fight with other animals and make friends.


- A new town called "Heartwood" on the road above Yandi
- Many 'outpost' teleporters that you can use to easily go deep into the world
- Titanium shovel item that lets you move trees
- Drill item that lets you destroy any naturally occurring objects
- An egg shop in Heartwood
- Better system for wall-building
- Added option to upgrade old save slots

Hybrid Animals MOD APK Info:

A lot of gold coins, diamonds
Skills usage will not decrease but increase
137.1K total
5 91.4K
4 19.2K
3 10.3K
2 4.9K
1 11.4K
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