Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom v1.46.0 (Mod – Speed)

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom v1.46.0 (Mod - Speed)
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Rise, the knights of medieval kingdoms! Rebuild your own empire and castle!

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom v1.46.0 (Mod - Speed)

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Hustle Castle Mod APK Game is a strategy RPG similar to Fallout Shelter, but instead of managing a nuclear shelter, you have to manage a medieval castle. You need to build new rooms, train the castle’s inhabitants, and of course fight tons of enemies.

The battles in Hustle Castle are simple. Before sending your adventurers on a mission, you have to prepare their equipment, choosing the best weapons and armor available and keeping in mind that once the battles commence, you can only watch. Your heroes fight automatically.

As you win battles against the orcs, the undead, and other enemies, you’ll advance in the game’s story. That said, this is only one small part of Hustle Castle. You’ll actually spend more time in your castle, which you can manage however you want, building and improving all sorts of rooms. You can also manage all your inhabitants from the castle.

Hustle Castle Mod APK is a fun strategy game with touches of RPG. It has excellent graphics and character designs like the ones from hit adult cartoons like Family Guy or American Dad.


A new event is just around the corner! Carnival Mole-opoly awaits you, and with it, a huge number of unique rewards.
New convenient filters in the inventory and the ability to equip the best gear.
Alliance and Talent interface improvements.
Read more about these and other innovations in the game!

Hustle Castle: Rise of knights MOD APK Info:

- added a button to increase the speed battle

1.4M total
5 958.5K
4 187.6K
3 57.1K
2 45.5K
1 194.0K
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