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Home Memories

Home Memories is a plot game, where you will rebuild your house with Harold, and bring warmth and joy to the entire family of Rockwood!
Join the game and help the cute and kind Harold, you will relax in the game, find simplicity and happiness!

Home Memories features:

1.Rich in gameplay
The level of gameplay is rich, the special effects are dazzling, and you can experience the joy of playing like never before!
Clear the story and new friends, rebuild the villa, and keep on going!

2. Design villa style
The villa style can be created by a personal style to create a unique style!

3. Friends interaction
Add game friends, help each other, and play games with your friends!

4. The plot is warm, the characters are cute
The game story is vivid and warm, you will feel the character’s kindness and beauty.
Hey, there is a cute pet waiting for you to meet her!

Home Memories is a home game with match-3!
Play games with friends on Facebook!
There is also a wealth of single player content!
No need to connect to the Internet (offline)!



Celebrate Halloween!
The atmosphere of the Halloween has been added to the game.
There are also 60 new levels on the line.
Get updated and get free life!


Unlimited gold coins, stars
55.9K total
5 43.0K
4 6.1K
3 3.0K
2 1.3K
1 2.5K

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