Hex Installer – Themes for OneUI v12.0 (Patched)

Hex Installer - Themes for OneUI v12.0 (Patched)
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Create Personalized Themes for your Samsung Galaxy OneUI
No Root Required

Hex Installer - Themes for OneUI v12.0 (Patched)

Download Hex Installer - Themes for OneUI MOD APK

All the Galaxy smart phones running “Official Pie” are supported by Hex Installer

Simple and Easy. No Root Required.

Hex Installer – Themes for OneUI Features:

✺ 60 Themeable apps. All for Samsung. (100+ on Hexed+ Mode)
✺ Designed for both Regular Rounded and NoteUI screens
✺ Custom Fonts support
✺ 16 Coloring options that lets you theme everything with endless possibilities
✺ Tweaks for OneUI
✺ Third-Party Plugins support for different UI Mode
✺ NightMode along with your theme Hex Installer
✺ Live Previews for easy theming
✺ Simple UI that smoothens the UI Experience

For more description, see FAQ section in the app.

This app cannot be used with Samsung Galaxy Tab Devices

If you like our app and the work we put into this, and if you like to contribute our development team more, you can donate in the app itself.


If you have purchased Hex Installer and can’t use it properly, you can refund within 2 hours from your device and 48 hours from web as long as it is your first purchase. You can also send us your GPA order number within 48 hours to process your refund, if you can’t do it in the web.

If you have issues or feedbacks, feel free to contact via our support mail.


+ H+ mode is made optional again for users request.
+ Redesigned Setup Wizard.
+ Bug fixes and minor adjustments. (list will be posted in telegram channel)
+ Fixed applying error on some devices
Too few users ratings


  1. Update the app please. This older version barely works with any plugin. This app is on huge demand and if you can keep it updated, you will get lots of traffic.

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