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Hero Evolution

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Hero Evolution

“Hero Evolution,” a super simple casual RPG summoning your warriors.

Collect Super Cute Pixel Character~~!!!

Tap tap~!! Just tap twice and your new warrior will be summoned!!
“Hero Evolution,” a super simple casual RPG summoning your warriors
[The entire play from synthesis to battle can be done automatically~!!]
If you find more than 2 same warriors, tap one of them.
You can synthesize even dozens of them at a time just by touching twice.
Meet multiple attractive girl warriors through super simple synthesis.
It is more than raising a character!

You can challenge slime dungeon leading the warriors you got from synthesis.
Who will come first to the final slime of Top Floors~??.

Hero Evolution Bossmobs attack a town in peace [Bossmob defense!!]

Massive (and dreadful) Bossmob attack the town where girl warriors are being trained!
You don’t have to worry about any crowds of monsters if you’ve done with building up your warriors as a strong unit by leveling them up and enhancing equipment.

And you can enhance all the game system through guardian system~!!!

[ Special Thanks ]
Sven Diefenbach : German translation donation.

Hero Evolution
Hero Evolution
Hero Evolution
Hero Evolution


Ver 10.5
- FREE 2x Speed

Hero Evolution MOD APK

Unlimited Coins*
Unlimited Diamonds*
Unlimited Stones*

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