Herelone: Mysterious Adventure Escape v1.45 (Mod)

Herelone: Mysterious Adventure Escape v1.45 (Mod)
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Story driven adventure escape game full of puzzles. No levels, just one big map!

Herelone: Mysterious Adventure Escape v1.45 (Mod)

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Try to unlock all parts of the world and escape in Herelone: Mysterious Adventure Escape! Not only you have to escape, but understand the mysterious story collecting the notes and looking around. This game will challenge your mind and will entertain you for hours. There’s no levels and separations, only one big world, full of closed doors and unexpected adventures!

You are not restricted where to go and what to do. Decide where you want to go first by yourself! One big map that you explore and unlock throughout the journey.

You wake up near the shining portal that closes soon. You don’t remember how you got there and don’t even imagine who and why would have done this to you. Eventually, you understand that this place isn’t as good as it looks and you have to ESCAPE as soon as possible. Can you figure out what happened?

In this adventure escape game, you’ll find a lot of unique puzzles. Some of them will require items that you found at the very beginning making the game even more seamless. But don’t worry, if you can’t solve the puzzle you can use a hint or sometimes even “Quick Solution” to understand or completely skip the puzzle, you’re in full control of your game experience.

Every time you escape one area, you will be challenged again. The locations in this escape game change all the time. From green flowery areas, to dungeons with shiny portals with lava all over the place. There’s always something new to explore till the very end of this puzzle escape game!

Explore the world listening to atmospheric soundtrack that will make your experience even more immersive!

This is not a demo and you will be able to finish the game without spending any money.

Get an absolutely unique experience with Herelone: Mysterious Adventure Escape and start your journey right now!

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