Gunspell 2 – Match 3 Puzzle RPG v1.1.7294 (Mod)

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Collect & Upgrade Guns & Magic 🔥Win 3-in-a-row puzzle battles, Quest & Ranked🔥

Gunspell 2 – Match-3 Puzzle RPG

Gunspell 2 a great RPG puzzle game with magic, guns, and Match-3 multiplayer. Prove yourself worthy in Match-3 duels using gems and jewels! Visit mysterious worlds full of magic & puzzles.

🎯 Key Features:

✔️ Explore different worlds in story adventures and enjoy multiple quests.
✔️ Collect unique heroes, powerful items, dark magic and guns.
✔️ Fight the first real-time online Match-3 battles. Climb ranks by winning in multiplayer.
✔️ Uncover mysterious events & solve puzzles of ancient mages.
✔️ Play puzzles with demons and dragons to accomplish your quests.
✔️ Challenge – your skill to find and use powerful combinations of gems & jewels.

It is a unique RPG puzzle game, where you play turn-based Match-3 duel on the nice hexagonal board filled with skulls, gems & jewels. Jewels store powerful magic and skulls can be used to damage directly.
Charge your items by matching jewels of the same color & use magic for your advantage. Every jewel holds one mana and there are multiple powerful combinations that may produce additional effects, like cross, angle or 4 in a row.

Fight in real time turn-based battles to progress in ranks & acquire grand rewards.

This time story tells not only about Gunspell adventures, but also about other cool heroes and their quests in another worlds. Collect them all and play their stories!
We work on the new missions and heroes all the time and continue to add new story adventure every couple of weeks!

As a good RPG puzzle game, Gunspell 2 provides endless possibilities to collect unique heroes, items and magic and combine them into powerful combinations.

Enjoy multiple hours of Match-3 puzzles full of magic!

Gunspell 2 - Match 3 Puzzle RPG
Gunspell 2 - Match 3 Puzzle RPG
Gunspell 2 - Match 3 Puzzle RPG
Gunspell 2 - Match 3 Puzzle RPG


• Fixed game lags
• Added the third mission of the story of agent Hammer
• Better Crits and Blocks
• Keys can now be bought at any time for gold coins
• Faster matchmaking on Arena
• Waking up low level heroes in Adventures became cheaper
• Lists could be scrolled with finger swipe

Gunspell 2 – Match-3 Puzzle RPG MOD APK

1. Menu Need Storage + Overlay Permission
2. Skull killed enemy (Activate only you can connect 3 Skulls / Enemy has the same Effect = Loose)
3. Shop Cost 0 (Store/Package)
4. Open Win Chest for PremiumReward for free

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