Sygic Premium APK + MAP v20.8.8 (Mod – Unlocked)

Sygic Premium APK + MAP v20.8.8 (Mod - Unlocked)
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Sygic GPS Navigation with 3D offline maps is compatible with Android Auto.

Sygic Premium APK + MAP v20.8.8 (Mod - Unlocked)

Download Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps MOD APK

Sygic Premium APK is a complete GPS to help you get around anywhere in the world and see any street almost instantly even without an Internet connection on your device. To make use of city maps in this way, all you have to do is download the country pack for wherever you’re going, which makes it very useful for planning trips. Then you can access any corner of the map even if you’re offline since all the information is stored locally on your device.

To get the directions from one point to another, you just need to activate your smartphone’s GPS. The downloaded maps are usually updated regularly, so you’ll always have safe, fast, and accurate information.

What’s more, its spectacular 3D animations make navigating with Sygic Premium a piece of cake, as you can see buildings and parks on the screen right in front of you, making it so much harder to get lost. Not only are the directions in this application accurate and up-to-date, but it also has audio alerts for speed-camera zones, so you’ll never find yourself accidentally breaking limits.

Besides all this, you can check the traffic in a given area, a highly useful feature if you arrive at a certain time somewhere and don’t know which route to take. You can save the final route that you opt for so you can access it later if necessary, making managing alternative routes as simple as clicking on them to edit or delete.

This powerful tool also incorporates a pedestrian navigation system so you can explore nearby shops, businesses, and parks. By foot, bike, or car, Sygic Premium APK is a great alternative to the traditional GPS applications included on Android devices.


New features in Sygic GPS Navigation!
Take complete control of your Android Auto infotainment system and interact with the app more naturally. Intuitive control, zooming, moving across the map is now a reality. You can also use your device's screen to find and add POI on your way without losing track of your route in your infotainment.
You can now also adjust sound notifications as you want. Choose from many options - select from various sounds, customize the warnings, adjust intensity and more.

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps MOD APK Info:

Premium Subscription / Paid features unlocked;
1.8M total
5 1.4M
4 159.3K
3 51.2K
2 35.8K
1 115.8K
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  1. Cannot download maps of South America through the program.
    MapDownloader maps are out of date (2018).

  2. After a few minutes of use, application terminates abnormally. When I try to restart, it always asks me to download maps, and it never works correctly again.

  3. I installed this version and it does not load the map I put in “com.sygic.aura\files\Maps\” folder. After some more tests, I have come to believe that the program totally ignores “com.sygic.aura” folder.
    At every startup, it asks to download the map of my country. After download, I cannot find it in “com.sygic.aura” folder, nor is it loaded.

      1. Same here. Is not working when you put the downloaded map into Map folder. It asks to download the maps in software. I tried this with the updated base folder.

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