Glitch Video Effects-VHS Camera Aesthetic Filters v2.0 (PRO)

Glitch Video Effects-VHS Camera Aesthetic Filters v2.0 (PRO)
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Distort your Live Videos and Photos with Glitch, Vaporwave and VHS effects.

Glitch Video Effects-VHS Camera Aesthetic Filters v2.0 (PRO)

Download Glitch Video Effects -VHS Camera Aesthetic Filters MOD APK

This is only app in the store for adding glitch effects, Vaporwave effects, & VHS effects in real time!

Turn your video or photos into a psychedelic or vaporwave digital aesthetic masterpieces in real time!

You can create imaginative vlogs through glitch video effects.

More than 40 glitch vhs effects and 40 trippy filters ready for your creativity, to distort and mess up your photos and videos.

★ 40+ Glitch Video Effects includes:

-RGB, VHS, glitches, Vaporwave, grainy, trippy, Vintage, Old TV, Noise, Distortion, Mirrors, Pixelated, Psychedelic, Broken VHS, Aesthetic Effects and many more….

★ 40+ Trippy Video Filters includes:
-Acid Trip Filters, Duotone Filters, Old School Filters and many more…

This 3d glitch video effects app allows users to take videos or photos as well as import from your gallery to create 3d glitch effects and 3d VHS effects videos or photos.

Create your awesome hipster style vintage videos, with retro & glitch video effects and vhs vintage filters.
Best live camera effects with glitch, VHS and Vaporwave style.

You can also create a 3d glitch video anytime, anywhere with the help of retro 3d vaporwave video effect and 3D effect photo.

New effect,VHS! Turn your phone into an Old Camcorder doing VHS tapes.

Glitch video effects can export your media to the gallery or share it to other apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Version - 2.0 NEWS
+ Added New 7 GLITCHES
+ Hot Fixes...Stay Tuned for more updates!
56.6K total
5 46.3K
4 6.3K
3 2.8K
2 343.0
1 832.0

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