Frostborn v1.12.14.23853 (Free – Google Play)

Frostborn v1.12.14.23853 (Free - Google Play)
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Raid in the Nordic medieval world, your main allies are war vikings and survival

Frostborn v1.12.14.23853 (Free - Google Play)

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Frostborn is a third-person RPG set in a medieval fantasy world that’s openly inspired by Skyrim aka Ingard. Starting out, your only objective is to survive the cold and hunger, collecting stones, sticks, berries and other simple elements. Little by little, however, you’ll embark on the struggle to survive in this huge world of ice.

One of the most important aspects of Frostborn — like in all Last Day on Earth titles — is its collection of items. Pick up hundreds of different objects: hemp, rock, iron, bronze, flesh, skins, wood… And of course, you can use all these elements to construct other objects, like lances, picks, axes, coffers, backpacks, work tables, etcetera.

The world of Frostborn is simply enormous. Although your adventure begins in a relatively small area on the map, including the space where you build your home, you can also venture outside that area and go explore. However, you have to be very careful doing so, as there are areas that can become deadly if you aren’t extremely careful to avoid the enemies that inhabit them.

Frostborn is an excellent RPG, which despite having a persistent world shared with other players, lets you play quietly at your own leisure. You can pretty much play practically alone if you want, but you can also opt to fight other players in PVP mode, or share your entire adventure with up to three other players in this cooperative adventure.


- New season. Head to the Temple of the Ancients and help Elder to collect pages of old lore
- New rank IV of all player classes
- New Chaser's armor - a new great-looking set of medium armor with increased armor stats
- New weapons - Stun Bow and Assassin's Dagger
- New mount type: Lynx
- Improved matchmaking
- Dramatically increased rewards in server ratings of clan tournaments
- Rest-time between clan tournaments increased to 8 days
- New offers in the in-game shop
184.8K total
5 124.0K
4 18.8K
3 10.8K
2 6.3K
1 24.7K
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