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Followers Assistant

Followers Assistant Pro (Stagmarin) is a tool to manage your personal account.

Followers Assistant Pro is an app that helps you instantly find out who has stopped following you on Instagram. The app also gives you a list of the users you follow and lets you stop following them with just one click.

This app also has a Premium option that helps you gain followers by letting you do certain actions automatically. For example, you can like, follow, and even unfollow automatically. This Premium option costs $2 a month and can offer you very interesting benefits.

Followers Assistant Pro is a very interesting app for Instagram users, especially for the frequent users. You can have a detailed control of those who follow you and those who have stopped following you. The best part is that it can also help you gain followers (as long as you are willing to pay a small fee).

• No Ads
• Very easy to use


Bug fixing

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