Fiction REBORN v9.0 (Paid)

Fiction REBORN v9.0 (Paid)
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After a huge Success of Fiction KWGT, Now Arrive the Fiction Reborn. lets enjoy!

Fiction REBORN v9.0 (Paid)

Download Fiction REBORN MOD APK

Fiction REBORN is not a stand alone app. Fiction REBORN widgets require KWGT PRO application ( not free version of this app)

What you need:

Pro key

✔ Custom launcher like a Nova launcher (Recommended)

How to install:

✔ Download KWGT PRO application
✔ Long tap on your homescreen and choose Widget
✔ Choose KWGT Widget
✔ Tap on the widget and choose installed Fiction REBORN
✔ Choose widget which you like.
✔ Enjoy!

If the widget is not right sized use the scaling in the KWGT option to apply correctly size.


Added 5 New Widgets,
Total 108 Fantastic Widgets for your Beautiful Home Screen
Enjoy FictiOn Reborn
43.0 total
5 40.0
4 2.0
3 0.0
2 0.0
1 1.0
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