FAPlite Citroen/Peugeot OBD2 v1.52 Mod (Unlocked)

FAPlite Citroen/Peugeot OBD2 v1.52 Mod (Unlocked)
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OBD2 diagnostic for Peugeot/Citroen vehicles with ELM327 adapters.

FAPlite Citroen/Peugeot OBD2 v1.52 Mod (Unlocked)

Download FAPlite Citroen/Peugeot OBD2 MOD APK

– Only for Peugeot and Citroen vehicles
– Please note that this application will not work with bad ELM327 clone adapters which doesn’t support extended protocol commands
– Supported INJ ECUs: EDC15C2, EDC17C10, EDC17C10_BR2, DCM3.5, DCM3.5_BR2, HDI_SID803, EDC16CP39, DCM3.4, HDI_SID807_BR2, MED17.4.2, MM6LPB, MEV17.4_EURO4, DCM3.4P, HDI_SID807, MEV17.4_EURO5, MEV17.4.2, ME745, MED17_4_EURO5, SID201, DCM35_HY, J34P, MM6LP, ME749, MM6KP, EDC17CP42, EDC17CP11, MED17_4_EURO4, V46, DCM6.2, ME747, DCN2, V34.1, V46.21, EDC17C60, MED17.4.4, S2000PM2, MEVD17.4.4, VD46, V344, S2000P, SID801, ME7.4.4, ME749_EC5
– Supported gearbox ECUS: CFC300P, CFC300P_HY, AM6/AT6, AL6
– Supported electric power steering ECUS: GEP, DAE_BVH2, DAE_A515, DAEv4, DAEv1
– ELM327 Bluetooth or WiFi adapter required
– Read real time information from your Engine Management ECU
– All sensors displayed like in DiagBox/Lexia manufacturer diagnostic (FAPlite version supports less parameters)
– Now you can check condition of used car before buying
– Faults reading and clearing
– Fast logging of sensors data and displaying in chart or table
– Testing of actioners like engine fan (in full version you get many more: EGR, fuel pump, air mixer, injectors…)
– Customizable display of sensors data
– Check condition of DPF/FAP and additive level


- support for ME749_EC5 ECU
- detection of many new ECU software versions for all supported ECU models

- support for DAEv1 steering ECU
- support for DAE_A515A steering ECU
- support for more ME7.4.4 ECUs

- support for DAEv4 steering ECU
- support for more HDI SID807 ECUs
- bug fixes

- support for ME7.4.4 ECU
- bug fixes

Please NOTE: if you use ELM327 clone adapter, check if it supports extended CAN protocol commands, else it will not work with this software.
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