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Upadate: 08/03/2022
FairNote - Encrypted Notes & Lists

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FairNote is a simple and intuitive notepad app. It gives you speed and efficiency when you write notes, to-do lists, e-mails, or jot down quick ideas. You can organize notes using labels/tags, colors and use different customization to suit your liking. You can use reminders to keep better track of your tasks. And best yet, you can protect sensitive data using industry standard encryption, and if your device has fingerprint support, you can encrypt/decrypt notes using fingerprint authentication.

• Create text and checklist notes
• Assign labels/tags and colors to note
• Protect notes with AES-256 encryption
• Encrypt/decrypt notes individually, or in batch
• Backup/restore notes using Google Drive, Dropbox or Storage
• Add new notes directly from the notification area
• Pin frequently used notes to the status bar and quickly access them from the notification area
• Set reminder for note, even for pinned notes
• Organize notes in list or grid view
• Powerful text search, highlight search terms in result
• Sort notes by date, color or alphabetically
• Filter notes by labels and categories
• Receive shared texts from other apps
• Semi-transparent home screen widget
• Batch operations
• Add home screen shortcut to specific notes
• Markdown preview
• Import text file
• Export to text file(individual or batch)
• Undo-redo capability
• Auto or manual save preference
• Ad-free since v1.0.97

Pro features
• Dark theme
• Recurring reminder
• Encrypt all notes with a single click
• Encrypt/decrypt notes using fingerprint authentication

Beta updates: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.rgiskard.fairnote

Frequently asked questions
Q: I forgot my password, can I recover my encrypted notes?
A: No. It is not possible to recover encrypted notes without the password.

Q: Can I recover my password? Where is it stored?
A: No. The plain-text password is never stored on the device or anywhere else at any given time and comes directly from user input when needed.

Q: How do you validate the password if password not being stored?
A: When you set the password, a one-way hash code of the password is generated stored on the device and is used later for password validation.

Q: Can my notes be decrypted using this hash code of the password?
A: No. The hash code is only used for password validation and not for encryption.

Q: How does encryption with fingerprint work? I am not asked for the password if I use fingerprint, how do the password and fingerprint relate? Am I not using the password when I am using fingerprint?
A: Aha! You are still using the same password under the hood while using fingerprint authentication. Android stores fingerprint data in a trusted execution environment(TEE), which is secure and provides a hardware-backed Keystore. In FairNote, when you choose to use fingerprint for the first time, you are asked to provide the password, and the password then is encrypted using a key from the hardware-backed Keystore. Only your fingerprint can obtain this key, and the key opens the encrypted password for use.

Q: How about auto encryption? I used another app that automatically encrypted notes after edit/exit, and I don’t like being asked to provide password/fingerprint every time I make some change.
A: Auto encryption is not possible, because auto encryption requires the plain-text password to be present on the device for use on demand. In FairNote, the password comes from either user input or fingerprint, so user intervention is required.

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- fixed removing checked items from checklists
- updated some libraries
- added option to export all plain-text notes to text files during local backup

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